Explore the Cosmos with smart, connected, intuitive telescopes you control from your smartphone 

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(Re)Discover the thrill of outer space

Observe galaxies, nebulae and comets in unparalleled colour and detail.

Our system automatically recognizes the objects in its field and points to the desired object.

Autonomous pointing and tracking 

Enhanced Vision

Light-pollution reduction

Even in bright urban settings, our software mitigates the impact of light pollution.

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"A user-friendly, compact smart telescope that delivers stunning deep-sky colour views"

Novices and pros alike can discover the cosmos from the country or the city and relax under the stars as distant space objects are revealed in full colour

The most user-friendly way to explore the cosmos

Join the community chasing cometsasteroids or distant planets and contribute to space exploration in partnership with the SETI Institute.

Smart & Easy to Use

Feel the thrill of scientific discovery

No need for constellations knowledge, no polar star alignment, the eVscope combined with the Unistellar app will automatically point and track your desired object

See which eVscope is right for you

Stunning precision and clarity 

Explore citizen science
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eVscope eQuinox

Discover the thrill of outer space

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$2,999.00 USD

no eyepiece, observe from the app
Most immersive

eVscope 2

Uncompromised optics for a stunning visual experience 

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See and capture images of the cosmos like never before thanks to proprietary light pollution mitigation and light accumulation technologies

Dedicated app 

Recommends the best targets based on your location

Learn about and identify cosmic objects

Begin observing within seconds 

"A crowdsourcing game-changer"

"Seeing color in a nebula from a garden in San Francisco? That's pretty cool."

From $4 499.00 USD

 observe from the eyepiece & the app

Designed to automate your observations. Available on the App Store & Google Play 

Conduct Space Science with your Unistellar crew

Join the first global community of citizen astronomers: take part in planetary defense campaigns by tracking comets and near-Earth asteroids or help scientists detect planets beyond our solar system